Stormfall: Age of War

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Immerse yourself into Stormfall with amazing 3D graphics and a special soundtrack by renowned composer Jesper Kyd!
With 200 million players across 150 countries playing Plarium's games, you will have countless important strategic choices to make. Forge alliances and rivalries with your neighbors!
Band together in Leagues of dozens of players to take part in epic, large-scale warfare as you fight for territory and influence. This social experience takes the game to a new level.
Jump right into the game with tutorial tasks to get you started, then embark upon an engaging series of quests and adventures - all fully voiced!
Jun 2, 2016


Delve into a medieval world of magic, fantasy, dragons and knights. The lands of Darkshine are in mortal peril, as Balur and his hordes of Orcs seek to rise once more to power. Build a mighty Castle, embark upon a journey to discover the Lost Arts, and train a noble army of elves, dwarves, humans and beasts in your quest to reclaim your realm.


Explained in-game

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