Distress Signal

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Warlords 2: Rise of Demons
Morbid - Chapter 2
Oct 11, 2010


v1.1 Update
-Highscores accessible from mainmenu.
-Keys changed.
-Teleporting enemy won't teleport on top or near player (no more instant death).
-Player gets much less stunned when getting hit by enemy.
-Enemies are little bit weaker.
-Notes. They will help you to proceed with the game by giving tips & hints. Can be
viewed through pause menu (P).
-Game can be loaded/started from beginning after death (no need to go through
mainmenu anymore).
-Graphics improvements (mainly gameover & pause game screens).

Starship Ironside is on a journey of exploration and is suddenly being sabotaged and forced to crash on a planet on the far side of Triangulum Galaxy. This seems to be a desperate situation, especially when the inhabitants of the planet are hostile and a mysterious member of the ship doesn't even want you to survive. But not for you! For you this is an oppetunity to earn yourself a medal!

Explore and survive this 8bit'ish world by powering up the main computer and contacting fleet. Lot's of levels, creatures, secrets (even one secret world!), items, achievements and pixelart await!


Move - Arrow keys
Jump - Spacebar
Attack - S
Interact/doors - Up arrow
Shield(if have) - F
Throw Bomb - D
Pause Game - P
Mute - M

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