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Mar 15, 2010


Your goal is to kill all the insects in each level. Build your tree out and up and place weapons on the trunk and branches to fend off the invading insects. Your weapons will not fire on insects once they°Øve landed on your tree°Øs trunk, so spread out and place weapons with that in mind.


- Before each battle, upgrade and equip your plant weapons.
- You can unlock new weapons and level them up by purchasing them with Points.
- Equip up to seven weapons before you start each battle.
- Once you start the battle, upgrade the main tree to add branches and attach weapons to those branches.
- You can rotate each limb a certain amount to orient weapons more effectively to attack.
- Insects will begin to fly in from the direction indicated by the arrows.
- Insects are invincible while they are on the main trunk, so you'll have to build weapons to defend the trunk before they've landed.
- Earn water points by defeating insects - you can use these to regain health and level up your tree, branches and weapons.
- Each time you level up, you double and recover all health.
- Leveling up weapons increases their rate of fire, range and damage.
- If an insect escapes your range before you are able to kill it, it can return to one of the spawn portals and potentially regain health or clone itself.
- Complete each battle by eliminating all insects before your health is depleted.
- At the end of each battle, you'll be awarded Points whether or not you won the battle.

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