Deathmatch Apocalypse

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Jan 23, 2018


This game is a Gun blazing, Character Customizing, Progressive Level ranking, Shooter with
20 Guns*
20 Armor / Clothes*
8 Perks*
8 Helmets*
9 Maps*
Those will be customized within your character
This game challenges quick reflexes and cautiousness
What your character sees is what you see in game. Basically unlike any other shooter games, in this game, if the enemy is on the other side of the wall or on a faraway location, you will not see them. They start to fade, not visible once your character can’t see them in game. The whole game is balanced as the enemy will also not know where you are until they see you.
Everyone starts with a gun with no ammo and a knife, to gain an ammo you must find a loot bag or kill an enemy. Opening a loot bag gains you ammo and armor, Killing an enemy gains ammo and health kit.

It introduces 3 game modes
-Team Deathmatch (Teammates vs. Opposing Team War)
-Specialist (Free for all, except you’ll be given a new gun every time you kill an enemy)
-Survival (Player vs. an army of enemies, you only have one chance to survive)
Along the way progressing, while you Rank and Level up, you’ll unlock New Maps, Guns, Armor, Perks and Helmets


Explained in-game
Movements - ASWD
Shoot - Left Click
Reload - R
Knife - V
F - Use
ESC / P - Pause

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