The Labyrinth

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Jun 21, 2017


Note: The game runs at 1024x768, if you have a display window smaller than these dimensions the game will cut off. If your display window is exactly 1024x768 you'll have to play in fullscreen mode to see the entire game

The Labyrinth is a text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. You take control of a party of four adventurers as they attempt to go into a cursed dungeon that has endlessly sent hoards of monsters to terrorize the surface world.

With 16 playable classes and 25+ enemy classes, each with their own 9 unique spells and countless combinations of items, every run is sure to bring something different than the last. The game also has a seeded randomness feature, so you can play the same run multiple times or play with friends using the same seed.


The mouse can control every aspect of the game.

F11 toggles fullscreen

When in combat the keyboard can be used to issue commands:

- When an action is not prepared, numbers 1-8 select the corresponding entity (up-down, left-right in that order), "A" prepares an attack, "Q,W,E,R" prepares the corresponding spell (left-right, up-down in that order), and "S" skips the turn.

- When preparing an attack/spell, numbers 1-8 selects the corresponding target (up-down, left-right in that order) and "C" cancels.

- At any time left+right can be used to flip through the combat log, and up-down can be used to flip through the statistics/buffs/debuffs screens.

August 31, 2020

A (very very very) late update. So I think it goes without saying that I was gone for a very long time. I severely underestimated how long creating the overhauled version would take but I've made immense progress over these past few years. Now I didn't mean to leave you guys hanging. This game got so much more attention than I anticipated and it makes me feel bad and a bit embarrassed looking back to all the comments of people having issues/asking questions that were left without responses from me. I genuinely care about feedback and I want to make this game as fun as it can be. On top of that the overhauled version is on a completely separate package than my current version. I rewrote literally every aspect from the ground up. As such, the original version (and by extension, the version you're playing on this site) went into limbo as I put all my resources into working on the new version. If you haven't seen any information on my external links, the overhauled version is currently playable on the game's beta branch on Steam. My plan originally was to make the full release version and update the game on this website with version 1.0 before retiring the game from here and focusing on the Steam version. My feelings were that I shouldn't expect anyone playing here to have to pay to see the game in its entirety since making money off it wasn't my original goal in the first place. Things are weird now since Flash is going to reach its end-of-life at the end of this year. I'm not sure if it's worth it to update the version here anymore (I personally don't know what's going to happen to Armor Games since web browsers are likely to remove Flash compatibility entirely). The only thing for sure I can say is that the overhauled version of the game is going to be complete. If all else fails it'll be put on Steam packaged as an executable so it bypasses any Flash deprecation webistes are going to integrate in the coming months. I don't want to promise any specific date since that's gone horribly in the past, but I'm really striving for the end of this year. My creative mind has been running wild these past few months and I'm motivated more than ever to put the necessary work into finishing this project so I can move on to further ideas. I want to explore this world in more ways and this game is a shadow looming over me. I only ask for patience. I've asked for it many times before but I continue to ask. If you want to see the real-time progress you can always check out the Steam news announcements as I've updated the game from there. Instead of updating the version here with the full-release version I think I might put the game on GameJolt as a downloadable executable so that I don't have to worry about Flash integration. Stay tuned and thank you all for your continued feedback.

December 15, 2018

Don't worry, I haven't left! It's been a long long time since my last update here and it's not fair to both the many people who enjoy the game and those want to but have issues with it. For the past several months I've been working on a completely rewritten overhaul of the game (yes, starting over from scratch) to make the game more graphically and performance efficient. I've been updating via Reddit and Steam but shouldn't have left you guys in the dark considering this is the largest audience I have access to. I'm hoping to have the 1.0 release out in a few months, I've gotten a major amount of code completed the only main thing left is combat. Stay tuned and thank you all for your patience!

April 2, 2018

Patch 0.9 The patch is finally here! This patch overhauls a bunch of the back-end code. Due to the nature of this overhaul, old saves are not going to work. I apologize for the inconvenience! The Knight has been reworked. He's more interactive, but a little less tanky, read below for full details! Overhauls:
  • The Listener code, which basically powers a grand majority of the game, has been overhauled. This was a huge endeavor but ultimately worth it. Just so you understand how much work went into this overhaul, over 400 classes has been changed in my code! This code is much better now and allows for me to work with it better in the future
  • Reworked the Knight. He felt pretty boring with his generally passive kit. His spells granted a ton of passive damage reduction which wasn't that fun. I've made him more interactive, a bit less tanky, but retained his core kit. More details on his rework below
  • Forceful Impact Before: Cost - 25 Mana; Cooldown - 3 Turns Unlock: Deals 115% Attack Damage plus bonus Attack Damage equal to 10% of the Knight's Maximum Health Upgrade: +10% Initial Damage Upgrade: +5% Maximum Health Damage
  • Forceful Impact After: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 3 Turns Unlock: Deals 100% Attack Damage plus bonus Damage equal to 10% of the Knight's Maximum Health Upgrade: +5% Maximum Health Damage Upgrade: Additionally Stuns the Enemy for 1 turn, bypassing Debuff Resistance
  • Defend the Flanks Before: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 4 Turns Unlock: +12% Damage Reduction for 3 turns, increased by 4% for each Enemy still alive Upgrade: +10% Initial Damage Reduction Upgrade: +3% Damage Reduction per Enemy
  • Defend the Flanks After: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 5 Turns Unlock: +10% Damage Reduction for 3 turns, increased by 5% per Enemy still Alive Upgrade: Additionally grants +7.5% Health Regen for the duration Upgrade: If Fortress is active this grants an additional +20% Damage Reduction
  • Fortress Before: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 4 Turns Unlock: Forces enemies to target the Knight for 2 turns, gaining 20% Damage Reduction for the duration Upgrade: +15% Damage Reduction Upgrade: Additionally the Knight gains 10% Health Regen for the duration
  • Fortress After: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 5 Turns Unlock: Forces Enemies to target the Knight for 2 turns, gaining 50% Debuff Resistance for the duration Upgrade: +15 Mana Cost but the duration increases by 1 turn Upgrade: If there are 4 Enemies Alive the Knight Negates Damage for 1 turn
  • On Your Feet Before: Cost - 35 Mana; Cooldown - 3 Turns Unlock: Heals an Ally by 20% of the Knight's Maximum Health Upgrade: +15% Maximum Health Heal Upgrade: Additionally Heals the Ally by 15% of their Missing Health
  • On Your Feet After: Cost - 10% Health (10 Minimum); Cooldown - 3 Turns Unlock: The Knight spends 10% Health to Heal an Ally by 10% of his Maximum Health plus bonus Health equal to the Health spent Upgrade: +5% Maximum Health Heal Upgrade: Amplifies the total Heal by 50% if the Ally is below 35% Health
  • Reinforced Armor Before: Unlock: +15% Damage Reduction Upgrade: +10% Damage Reduction Upgrade: +35% Divine Damage Reduction
  • Reinforced Armor After: Unlock: +20 Bonus Armor Upgrade: The Knight deals bonus Damage equal to his Bonus Armor on Attack Upgrade: The Knight's Bonus Armor threshold reduces to one every 3 Constitution instead of every 5
  • Spells not changed (or minorly changed in the Buffs/Nerfs sections): Battle Wounds, Defensive Stance, Titan, Plated Armor
  • Fixed the Options menu still displaying the Snowflakes toggle even though snowflakes have been disabled
  • Fixed the Duelist's description saying it was for the Marauder
  • Fixed Conversion multipliers over 100% going into the negatives (for instance if you had a listener that converted 150% of Attack Damage Dealt to Pierce, 50% of the Attack Damage would actually Heal the target)
  • Fixed Clubs never getting any multipliers other than 5%
  • Fixed some Bosses never spawning with their unique items
  • Fixed the Arcane Mage's Deeper Knowledge Passive Spell incrementally lowering Maximum Mana with each load
  • Fixed the Arcane Hunter's Soul Shatter Active second upgrade not using the correct value and messing up the game
  • Fixed the Shaman's Revive Active Spell second upgrade not showing the proper description
  • Fixed the Blood Mage's Soul Tap Infinite Spell having issues with reducing your Health Regen with reloading
  • Fixed the Blood Mage's Blood Training Passive Spell not changing his Active Spell's, Hemorrhage, Health cost multiplier
  • Fixed the Hunter's Beast Hunter Active Spell second upgrade Crippling after the Damage applied even though it specifically states the Cripple applies before the Damage
  • Fixed the Ninja's Final Strike Active Spell second upgrade activating even if he wasn't below the Health threshold
  • Fixed the Duelist's Assault Active Spell stacking up to 10 times instead of the displayed 5
  • Fixed the Incinerator's Incinerate Active Spell bonus Damage dealing much more Damage than it was supposed to
  • Fixed a small issue where conversion listeners would apply even if they're converting to the same type. For example if you had a listener that converted Attack Damage Dealt to Pierce Damage, the conversion would apply even if you originally deal Pierce Damage (basically converting Pierce Damage to Pierce Damage)
  • Fixed NG+ not fully Healing and Restoring your party
  • Made spell loading/creation a bit faster. This should make saving/loading faster as well as spawning enemies faster too
  • Changed the Arcane Mage's Spell Strike Infinite Spell. Instead of giving a chance to deal bonus Damage equal to 25% of his Current Mana on Cast, the bonus damage is now equal to 20% of his Maximum Mana
  • Changed the Ninja's Elusive Passive Spell. Instead of giving a chance to Shroud when taking Damage below a percentage of Health, the chance is lowered but can activate at any time regardless of his Health. Its second upgrade changed from Healing 15% of his Maximum Health to Healing 20% of his Missing Health if the Shroud activates when he's below 50% Health
  • Changed the Assassin's Mercy Active Spell. Its first upgrade no longer grants bonus Damage to targets below 50% Health. It now has its first upgrade's 20% Health Threshold increase, and its second upgrade now increases the Kill Chance by 15% (for a total of 35%). As a result its initial Kill Chance was lowered from 25% to 20% and its Cooldown increased to 5 turns from 4
  • Changed the Dragon Slayer's Slay Active Spell. It no longer has any of its old functionality, since I felt it was too similar to Intimidation. It now grants the Dragon Slayer 30% Lifesteal and Soulsteal for his next 3 attacks, upgradable to 50% for 5 attacks
  • Moved some numbers around for the Lifebreaker's Lifebreak Passive Spell. The Instant Kill Chance on Death is reduced to 25% (15% initial + 10% upgrade) from 35% (25% initial + 10% upgrade). The second upgrade Revive now has a 50% chance of activating as opposed to being guaranteed, but the Revive multiplier increased to 40% from 25%
  • Changed the Smoke Dweller's Smoke Screen Active Spell second upgrade. Instead of granting a 35% Heal on Damage that's Negated, it instead grants a 50% chance increase to Negate Damage but reduces the duration of Smoke Screen to 1 turn
  • Changed the Chrono Keeper's unique items. Time Ebb, his Weapon, is now one-handed instead of two-handed. This is so he can also equip his unique Offhand, Stopwatch, which grants +2 Cooldown Reduction but decreases Attack Damage Dealt by 50%. He now always spawns with his unique Weapon and Offhand
  • Added a new particle effect if an Instant Kill is applied when the target is immune to Instant Kills (a gray shield). A new sound effect also plays to designate the target not getting killed
  • Added charges on Listeners, allowing for new spells that grant a large bonus for a few charges, for example a spell that grants Lifesteal for the next 3 Attacks
  • Added priority on Listeners, allowing certain ones to be processed before or after others (is used to just process them in the order they were applied)
  • Added the Mana Thorns Armor Special, granting a 35% Chance to 35% Mana Bleed for 2 turns when Dealt Spell Damage
  • Added the Spellsteal and Spiritsteal Weapon Specials. These grant 35% Health when you deal Spell Damage and grant 35% Mana when you deal Spell Damage respectively
  • Added the Double Spell Damage Weapon Special. This grants a 10% chance to double Spell Damage Dealt. It's slightly more rare than it's Double Attack Damage counterpart
  • Added the Perfect Strike Weapon Special. This grants a 15% chance to Instantly Kill when dealing a Critical Strike. This is one of the rarer Weapon Specials
  • Added the Weakening Weapon Special. This grants a 50% chance to 25% Weaken for 2 turns on Attack
  • Increased the Damage Restore Armor Special multiplier to 35% from 25%
  • Increased the Unluck Weapon Special Crit Chance Debuff to 50% from 35%
  • Reduced the rarity of the Stunning Weapon Special
  • Increased the Stunning Weapon Special Stun Chance to 20% from 15%
  • Increased the Shaman's Spirit's Blessing Infinite Spell Cast Reduction to 100% from 50%
  • Merged the Attack and Spell Exposing Weapon Specials into one Exposing Special
  • The Ninja's Concealment Passive Spell bonus Damage while Shrouded now includes Shrouds from Attention (like Damon's Fortress)
  • Increased the Chrono Keeper's Start The Clock Active Spell Damage Reduction to 85% (65% initial + 20% upgrade) from 75% (50% initial + 25% upgrade)
  • Nerfed the Power Orb's average Spell Damage Dealt increase per level to 0.475% from 0.6%, and reduced its Spell Damage Dealt cap to 65% from 75%
  • Reduced the Stun Weapon Special duration to 1 turn from 2
  • Increased the rarity of the Burn and Freeze Weapon Specials
  • Increased the rarity of the Enchantment and Barbarism Weapon Specials
  • Reduced the Ninja's Concealment Passive Spell Attack Damage increase while Shrouded to 35% (20% initial + 15% upgrade) from 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Ninja's Concealment Passive Spell second upgrade Shroud duration increase to 1 turn from 2
  • Reduced the Assassin's Weak Point Passive Spell second upgrade Critical Strike Chance bonus to 10% from 15%
  • Reduced the Sharpshooter's Steady Aim Passive Spell second upgrade Critical Strike Chance bonus to 10% from 15%
  • Reduced the Knight's Titan Infinite Spell Maximum Health Damage Mult to 0.5% per level from 0.75%
  • Capped the Arcane Mage's Absorption Active Spell Mana Return to the total cost of the spell
  • Changed the Blood Mage's Health Fountain Infinite Spell Max Health increase to 20 per level instead of granting +1 bonus Maximum Health per Constitution per level
  • Reduced the Tower Knight's Hew Active Spell second upgrade Stun duration to 1 turn from 2
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