War Heroes: France 1944

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Jan 8, 2016


War Heroes is a tactical team arena shooter. You play as an elite US squad formed to carry out dangerous
missions after the Allied landings in France, 1944. (In freeplay mode, you can also play as the
Germans and the Russians.) You play as a specific class of soldier: Assault, Medic, Sniper or Support. Each class uses different weapons and each carries different equipment like grenades, medical kits, mines and ammo packs. There are four game modes: domination, demolition, team deathmatch and zombies.

Visual effects can be toggled in the options which can improve performance. Please read the "how to play" section for more details regarding the different game modes.

Have fun!


Game modes explained in the "how to play" section.

Mouse - aim and shoot
A/D - go left/right
W - climb over/climb ladder
S - drop down platforms/stairs
C - crouch
Q - swap weapon
F - pickup weapon
Space - throw equipment
Shift - toggle sprint
M - mute
Esc/P - pause

January 9, 2016

-fixed the bug in demolition mode reported by players, you can now finish it without problems -clock in demolition will show 0:00 when time runs out

December 14, 2015

v.4 fixed -several insignificant bugs -mute button now shows the mute status properly when going back to the main menu -path following optimization and fixes - bots should get stuck/lost less frequently and if so they'll recover better -bots shoudn't get stuck while jumping over cover when seeing an enemy and starting to shoot -bulltes shoudn't get stuck in front of moving penetrable objects like chair parts -player will start walking immedietly after finishing the ladder clomb if left or right button is pressed -rare bug that would make the round start and play in slow mo after ending a prev round when in slow mo -zombie spawning when the player is at round start -rewrote player respawn rules - minimized the chance to spawn next to an enemy to minimum, the only chance this could happen is when all spawn spaces are occupied by an enemy -demolition clock now shows 0:00 after the time round passes but the bomb is still armed -end round screen no longer shows "mission failed" despite winning after the bomb has exploded and the time has expired -doubleclick in main manu shoudnt span two instances of other screens now -controls menu shouldn't lock itself after changing a key and trying to change it once again changed -proper mission 5 time limit -focus lost msg position -zombie path resetting -recoil behaviour balance - less kick, more spread -player's can't zoom the game in/out anymore outside of developer mode -mine, gun belt and grenade gfx now have more shading -sharper character skins with more depth -round clock is now aligned in tdm -*sitelocked for ag,ng,local - for testing phase only* -protected against decompilers added -credits screen in main menu -allowed keys limited to a-z, 1-9,ctrl,shift,space (arrows already work for walking by default) -controls menu no longer allows to duplicate exisitng keys -allowed keys description -grenades and mines now hang on characters -unequiped primary weapons show on character's back -secondary weapon holster on character's hip -score limit selection in freeplay for tdm and domination (demolition 5min time limit is crucial to the mode's balance)

December 11, 2015

Change log: fixed: -ai getting stuck in one pose and moving without animating -ag logo position -ladder climb bug on Village map -minimized the rare chance to fall through the floor on stairs on the Town map -ai will no longer go to the map border in domination when dominating, instead it will attack the player -all the mission, how to play, etc texts as requested -demolition objective not showing up when high quality particles are off -*not online but locally right after the upload*mute button now shows the sound state properly when going back to the menu added: -play button -sound settings now save locally and online -mute button -erase online save button in the options menu -demolition objective image in how to play in progress: -controls menu improvements -pathfinding optimizations -spawn system optimizations -freeplay score limits options -credits screen
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