Sector Warfare

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Nov 13, 2015


Conquer the cosmos in this sector-based, space-warfare game with 5 unique ship classes, 15 stages and over 70 upgrades!

This real-time strategy game incorporates many elements from the tower defense genre while also adding another layer of complexity. There are 15 unique stages but the objective of each is the same - destroy the enemy before they destroy you! During game-play, resources are generated over time and can be used to purchase ships. Each of the five classes of ships has their own unique, tiered-upgrade paths with class-specific specialties. There are over 70 unique upgrades in this game from simple hull reinforcements to more advanced weapon specials, such as Toxic Shock (A toxic cocktail of plasma energy and bio-mechanical nano-bots programmed to wreak havoc, and capable of vessel-to-vessel transmission).


Mouse and A/D and left/right arrows to scroll playfield left/right. In-game tutorial included.

November 5, 2015

- Fix credits font size.

November 5, 2015

- Tweaked 5 star logic. - Added "Sponsored by Armor Games" to credits menu. - Fixed Play More Games link in settings menu for level select.

November 4, 2015

Changes: - Added star requirement description to level stats screen. - Damage to bases in no longer used to calculate stars. - Level select settings now contains an AG Play More Games link. - "Sponsored By Armor Games" text added to final credits screen.
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