I Hate Candy: Pony Mayhem

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Battle Gear Underground
The Utilizer
Jun 30, 2015


☠ It's an old-fashioned contra style 2D shooter game ☠
But, there is an exploration, there is a fun stuff, there is a deadly traps and there is a cool secrets in the game!
There's no time to explain!
We lost our secret weapon crates at candy planet
Hurry up and recover it!
Strange meteor has crashed the cargo ship with our secret weapon!
It has fall to the candy planet!
And you are the only one, who can get it back!
But be aware, remember that your devices are afraid of sweets and you can get short circuit!
At ease, colonel!
Game features:
- Wonderful colorful graphics
- The story in comics
- 5 different lethal ammo type, including BFG40000 and lethal Light Saber.
- 3 different location type to play at
- Many different obstacles such as exploding pinata, exploding candy-bomb, jumpy-mushrooms, hanging flowers, etc.
- A large number of colorful decorations at levels
- Enemies: Barry the Bear, Stupid Monkey, Easter Bunny, and don't forget Pony!
- Game Shop, where you can buy ammo & special features for the Hero
- Hero can climb by tiles
- Hero can shoot when he is climbing
- Hero can kill enemies by light saber in melee attack
- Hero can perform double jump
- Hero can collect souls from defeated enemies
- Hero can create soul cubes which will be used to climb higher
- 26 levels
- 2 original soundtracks & more than 40 sounds specially made for this game


A (Left Arrow) - Move Left
D (Rigth Arrow) - Move Right
W (Up Arrow) - Jump
Space - Shoot
Q, E - Change Ammo
ESC - Pause

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