Sentry Knight: Conquest

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Apr 3, 2015


Take control of The Marksman and blast through hordes of enemies with your trusty gun in this new adventure set in the Sentry Knight universe. Upgrade your character, unlock both familiar and new spells, tame new pets, and journey through 3 unique areas packed with enemies, bosses, quests and more in this spin-off sequel to the Sentry Knight series.


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April 9, 2015

Version 1.07.3: - Change: Both Local and Online saves will now display together when attempting to start or continue your game! This should (hopefully) prevent any further save issues.

April 7, 2015

Version 1.07.2 - New: Added an interface panel that will pop up upon death, asking you if you'd like to restart that stage. This panel will ONLY pop up if you've maxed out every upgrade. - Change: Final boss stage now requires 51 Stars to enter, down from the original 54. - Change: The orbs that the Undead Warlock spawns now have a 1.25 second cooldown before they start shooting when they first spawn.

April 6, 2015

Verson 1.07.1: - New: The game will now notify users that are not logged into their ArmorGames account when first starting the game. - Fix: Fixed issue with Local Saves and not being able to load your data properly. All Local Saves will now work properly! - Fix: Fixed issue with the Undead Warlock boss bullet-hell based attacks. - Fix: Fixed issue with background buttons re-enabling themselves after selecting "Yes" or "No" on the autofire confirmation.
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