Mighty Purple Orb

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Zombie Crusade
Royal Warfare
Aug 12, 2014


You are mighty. You are purple. You are an orb. The eternal power is with you. You have 5 little white balls that you can shoot to destroy terrain and other obstacles. Find your way out of 15 missions in this action/puzzle/skill challenge. There are 5 shooting challenges to test your accuracy, plenty of power-ups, many situations that will test not only your skill but also your analytical sense, speed and patience. Many medals to collect as well, 3 difficulty settings and of course one Super Extra Ultra Mega Hyper Uber Giga Final Mission (special edition)
Please enjoy!


KEYBOARD MOVEMENT: WASD or arrow keys to move, Aim and shoot with the mouse.

MOUSE MOVEMENT: The orb will follow the mouse cursor, Aim and shoot with the mouse, Press and hold SPACE to make the orb stay in one place.

Choose the control scheme that suits you best. Keyboard movement is easier but less accurate, Mouse movement guarantees finer control. Additional controls: M to turn music on/off, ENTER to commit suicide if you get stuck or just feel like exploding. Right-click to choose Quality.

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