Dan Devil

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Feb 11, 2014


Dan Devil is an action packed game where you have to stop a prison outbreak - IN HELL! You have less than four minutes to stop 11 bosses and minor baddies! Run, punch, jump and yank baddies from the sky before they get away!

Finally - a major nod to ├╝bermensch Wiesi. Without his amazing Shark series Dan would still be sitting at his desk. Thank you sir!

This is Tim and thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed the game! If you have any questions or comments - feel free to post below or mail me at hello (at) donleytimefoundation (dot) com

Game seem chuggy in Chrome? Check this out!

1) Put this URL in your top bar ---> chrome://plugins/
2) Click the Details+ button
3) Go to the Flash player entries. There may be multiple entries. Disable any where the location begins with /Applications/Google Chrome.app/
4) Restart Chrome
5) Profit!


Arrow Keys/W,A,S,D - Move
"X" Key - Punch and Grab
Space Bar or "Z" Key - Jump
Mouse Click on Pause button - Pause/UnPause Game
Mouse Click on Speaker button - Mute/UnMute Game

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