Infectonator Survivors: Alpha

88 3M
Dec 13, 2013


This game is a preview demo for our Steam Early Access game that we are currently developing

Infectonator: Survivors is a randomly generated squad-based survival simulation game.

The game combines Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation into one.

Your goal in this game is to lead your group of survivors to safety. You must do everything you can to survive, such as : scavenge resources, build defenses, raid buildings, and much more. Every decision you make in this game matters because death is permanent and every play is randomly generated.

Game Features

Survival Simulation – Build and upgrade your safe-house, recruit new survivors, upgrade your squad’s skills, improve their equipment, conduct research and manage resources.
Squad Based Real Time Strategy – you control a squad of survivors, not just a single hero.
Explore Random Generated Cities – Send your survivors to explore a randomly generated world filled with danger and unexpected events.
Loot and Crafting System – There are tons of unique weapons & gear your survivors can use. Collect materials and craft your own items to help them survive longer.


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