Fairway Solitaire

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Mar 19, 2012


Fairway Solitaire is a #1 iPad app and top 10 iPhone app!!!

Its unique game-play combines solitaire with golf to create a solitaire experience unlike any other. But don't take our word for it. Here's what Kotaku's Play This had to say: "This game is the real deal, not just another boring free solitaire game...

Like solitaire, you play sequential cards to create long runs. Long runs make long drives. Like golf, long drives help make better scores!
All-new card layouts that include all-new hazards such as rough, sand traps, and water hazards make you play each hole differently. Add irons to your golf bag that can be used as wild cards when you need the right club to keep a long run going!

Give it a try to find out why Tycho from Penny Arcade called this "...an incredibly awesome puzzle game, masquerading as solitaire."

Hand-Crafted Hole Layouts The card layouts vary from hole to hole. Approach each hole with a different strategy!

Wild Shots A­- Random Wild Shots change the rules of the game in hilarious ways!

Replay-ability A­ Replay each course to earn a better score and get more stars!


Click cards one higher or one lower to create a chain. If you run out of cards one higher or one lower, click the card on the bottom to draw another.
Get par or lower to clear a course!
Aces and Kings can be played on each other.
Click irons to use them as cards at any time.

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