Choke Point

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Dec 11, 2014


High octane multiplayer game! Come and fight!
Keep the feedback and ratings coming and support this growing game :)
We're sorry if you get kicked out midgame during a server update, it usually only lasts about 2 minutes.

Welcome to Choke Point, our fast-paced action multiplayer platformer where you fight for dominance as one of the three species: Human, Android and Alien. You must bind with the power of the mysterious artifact to win the battle!

Upcoming update and features: More character classes, weapons, items, maps, team deathmatch mode, online persistence (XP, ranks, perks).

We want your constructive criticism and feedback on the game so we can improve on it. it's a first version and it's our first real-time multiplayer game so you will surely encounter issues where we have failed so we encourage you to simply and kindly share these issues with us so we can improve the game constantly. The one month development time was not enough to put all the content we wanted so we will have to go with an update cycle where we keep adding content and tweaking the game based on your feedback as well.

Hope you enjoy the game guys :D


Changeable in Settings
WASD: Movement
Space: Secondary Jump Key
Mouse: Aim and shoot
1-3: Select weapon
E: Use Ability
F: Use Active Item
C: Pickup
Shift: Show Battle Info

August 18, 2015

v1.38.1 - Added some missing soft platforms in Worm Hive - Fixed some visibility bounds issues on various things - Fixed teleport issue when binding next to a rock or solid object. - Fixed death from worms while teleporting - Fixed binding as the skkit and just adhering to the other side of the platform - Make the eruption and the -(Away)- projectile framerate independant for gameplay fairness. - Fixed mines teleporting through platform when dropped. - Added a bit of side margins in the weapon and item selection screen. - Fixed level bounds in Sunset Hills - Fixed camera shake after death - Fixed Skkit's adhesion to levitator transitions - Improved the camera's focus responsiveness - Changed small bullets to the new linecheck-based collision system for a faster and more precise collision computation. - Made the bound player slightly stronger at lower user count.

August 17, 2015

v1.38 - Added the Worm Hive level, the second level in the new level theme. - Changed Coral Pit to be medium size and improved the level decorations - Added the ship hull to the ship level - Improved kill and suicide messages

August 13, 2015

v1.37 - Implemented new level "Coral Pit" in a new purple planet theme with its new music and deadly worms that will eat you :D - Improved -(Hook)- "backpack" effect - Boosted cluster mines damage
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