Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven

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Deadly Road Trip
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Jan 16, 2014


Enter the randomly-generated castle labyrinths of Shadow Haven to defeat the dark forces of evil that lurk within. Find permanent power-ups to aid you in your 4-legged quest, but be careful... one false step will start you over from square-one in this rogue-like platformer!

Compete for the highest score by crawling through the most dungeons!

Note: Experiencing teleporting or excessive lag? Use Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome's flash player is bugged!

v1.19 - Fixed bug with acid not disappearing when nearby blocks are destroyed. Fixed a bug with ladders teleporting you if you slide down too fast, also fixed a bug where holding down at the bottom of a ladder for a long time inflicts fall damage.
v1.18 - HUGE update: Entire engine re-coded! Should lag much less. Play in fullscreen mode for best performance. All teleporting glitches should be eliminated. Custom controls are remembered between sessions. Fixed multi-boss spacing so the boss doesn't appear right on top of you. Removed fall damage if you have super jump boots and double jump together. Optimized a bunch of stuff and fixed other small bugs. Tweaked powerup drop rules to be nicer (less cake) no doubling up on wings, more attack-increase drops.
v1.16 - Messed with some hit detection to mitigate bugginess in chrome. Corrected level tile to ensure 1st 3 levels have easy access to all level areas.
v1.15 - Made getting stuck on first 3 levels impossible (partially predefined map arrangement). Removed repeating "map" drops after map is found on a level. Made wings less rare once you pass level 8. Easing camera less, possible teleporting fix for chrome users...
v1.14 - Fixed exploit for increasing levels by going back to main menu. Placed limit on speed you can fall (hopefully fix some teleporting issues). Stopped player from moving while boss death animations is playing.
v1.13 - Fixed a teleport glitch when you press up with sticky claws at kitty-corner blocks - Added "exit to main menu" confirmation for "M" hot key.
v.1.12 - Fixed teleporting glitch in chrome... maybe?


Arrow Keys = Move
Down Arrow = Pick Up Item (hold down to look down)
Up Arrow = Hold to look up/Enter Doorway
A = Jump
S = Attack
D = Fire Rocket or Throw Grenade (if you have ammo)

P = Pause
R = Restart Game
F = Toggle Full Screen
M = Exit to Main Menu

Toggle Sound = Available from Pause Menu

Note: Controls Customizable From Main Menu

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